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Post  hosam edden on 22/9/2012, 1:34 pm

Introduction to economics, management principles and functions, accounting principles, (2), economic mathematics, foreign language, Raafat Hagras, Essentials of Marketing, Introduction to the Science of Law, Principles of Statistics, Informatics (1), the Arabic language, culture
Second-year money and banks, a partial economic analysis, public finance, accounting firms, management operations, foreign language (3), Applied Statistics, Informatics (3), foreign language (4), the principles of finance, the overall analysis, the law of commercial
Third year contemporary issues of economy, planning and economic development, national accounts, energy economics, financial management, computer applications in a foreign language, the feasibility study, economic blocs, businessman Rafat Hagras, international relations, economy, sports
Third-year management environment management, consumer behavior, computer applications, organization theory, marketing a service, accounting, administrative, feasibility study, international business, quantitative methods, financial management, human resources, e-marketing in foreign language
Third year of Mali's economy banks, financial establishments, insurance mathematics, financial markets, financial analysis of foreign language, financial management, financing projects, the feasibility study, the principles of insurance, banking management, computer applications, banking operations
Third-year national accounts statistics, Econometrics, Financial Administration, probability theory, statistics Alamwalima foreign language, operations research, decision theory, Khorazmyat, economic statistics, national accounts, national accounts, national accounts, national accounts
A third year Accounting Accounting oil, scientific research methodology, Cost Accounting (1), Advanced Accounting (1), Government Accounting, the financial statements, operations research, tax accounting, computer applications, foreign language, Intermediate Accounting (1), Intermediate Accounting (2)
Fourth year economy, scientific research methodology, financial markets, international finance, the theories advanced in a foreign language, computer use, economy, sports, economy, industry, Akhtit human resources, service economy, Raafat Hagras, Mali economy, economy, agriculture, economic blocs
Fourth year administration systematic scientific research, management theory, service organizations, financial institutions, international marketing, storage management, theory of the decisions, management development, strategic management, Administration, Marketing information systems, computer use, foreign language
Fourth year banks methodology of scientific research, decision support systems, banking, auditing, financial Hagras, Islamic banks, management control, marketing of banking, disclosure standards, risk management, international finance foreign language, investment management, reinsurance, a cash economy, information systems
Fourth year accounting methodology of scientific research, Raafat, evaluating projects, review (1), Advanced Accounting (3), Advanced Accounting (2), Management Accounting, Review (2), international accounting, computer use, Cost Accounting (3), language foreign
Fourth year census research methodology, design of experiments and analysis, correlation theory, Raafat Hagras, mathematical statistics, Mr Raafat, the feasibility study, census, time series, computer applications, insurance mathematics, the theory of simulation, statistical programs, foreign language, contexts of random

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