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Post  hosam edden on 2/10/2012, 9:24 pm

Raafat Hagras Born in (August 20, 1985 in Cairo) is a businessman, winner of the Nobel Prize in project management. Raafat began his life learning the English language in 1990. Then began his project with a study of small languages and translation, which is a mix in English. Began after the issuance of its political and began his fame increased in the United States, and in 2000 Azdadt its external relations and became prominent in Egypt, then the title of the title of Dean of Translation (Translation Master). Turn Rafat to the world of trade and then founded a company (Hodafone) which met with tremendous success. In 2011 contributed to the rebuilding of Egypt after the revolution of January 25 in the August 20, 2011 and through its website, said Raafat publicly about being gay, saying, "I am proud when I say I am an Egyptian man. I am very happy because I am what I am." In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine on the same day, was quoted as saying Raafat, "those years of silence and secrecy made me stronger and always reminded me that the acceptance must come from within a person of this fact gave me the strength to Avenge the feelings I did not know of their existence at all."

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